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Bisque is ready-to-paint and properly fired to cone 04. The prices for all of the pages linked above are for BISQUE. We will NOT ship greenware (clay) under any circumstances. All items are poured, cleaned, and fired by Cindy's Ceramics & Molds; we do NOT outsource to other firms. We will happily glaze inside pieces such as pots or pieces to be placed outdoors should you request it for a slight upcharge. For finished prices, please email us.

Pictures are provided on the following pages are for informational purposes only. Some pictures show accessories such as flowers, rain gauges, and oil lamps. Please ask if you'd like prices for any accessories that we may carry, or if you'd like the piece to be modified differently than pictured. Thank you!

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Some items listed on pages that haven't been updated may no longer be available as we remove items from our catalog to make room for new and exciting pieces!

Cindy's Ceramics & Molds

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We are significantly backordered on larger items due to kiln space limitations, please keep this in mind when ordering.

We are working on updating our bisque catalog! We have thrown out over 2000 items to make room for hundreds of new pieces. Tabs below with "**UPDATED**" are current as of 2022.

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